LIVE Classes & Workouts

How do I find the right workout for me?

First of all, you have to decide what your goal is when it comes to training. Each workout is marked with the corresponding training goal. You should also take into account the training level of the workout in question, the time you want to invest and what equipment you have available where you are. If you are unsure what your own training level is, then we recommend that you start with a beginner’s course and then try a higher level. Even if you don’t have the right equipment available, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the workout. There are often alternatives you can use – say, filled water bottles instead of weights.

How do I find the right training plan for me?

Our training plans focus on different training goals. The relevant degree of difficulty and training goals are conspicuously displayed on the program covers. More information can be found in the respective description of the training plan. In addition, you will also find an exemplary training plan in the details pages which is presented in the training weeks. Feel free to use this to reach your goal. We recommend that you ideally start your programme on a Monday.

What training equipment do I need for the workouts?

Some of the CYBEROBICS workouts require specific training equipment, such as a mat, barbell, weights, kettlebell, stepper and mini-band. For our cycling courses, you need either a spinning bike or a bicycle with a corresponding roller trainer. You will find which equipment you need for which workout in the relevant course description.

How often is the workout offering updated?

We are constantly working on offering you the largest possible range of courses with CYBEROBICS. To make sure you don’t get bored, we add a new workout to our portfolio in regular intervals.