LIVE Classes & Workouts


CYBEROBICS is an online fitness platform that provides you with an extensive selection of professional workouts. CYBEROBICS offers you everything you need to get fit and achieve your personal training goals - anytime, anywhere.


Workouts from the categories Burn, Sweat, Strong, Tone, Sixpack, Flow and Relax await you in the CYBEROBICS LIVE Classes. A live stream gives you the feeling of being there and training with the trainer and the group.

After they are broadcast, each LIVE Class is available for another seven days in the LIVE Collection. We usually make them available the following day, but uploads can be slightly delayed on weekends.

What goals can I achieve with CYBEROBICS?

CYBEROBICS offers a variety of workouts for every training goal and fitness level, with which you can train your entire body. The training goals of losing weight, toning, strengthening and mobilization are in the foreground. In addition to classics such as stomach-legs-buttocks, intensive power workouts and demanding cardio sessions, there are also yoga classes and many other workouts for relaxation and mobilization.

Where can I experience CYBEROBICS?

You will find our CYBEROBICS workouts not only online on our CYBEROBICS platform at, but also via the app, in the popular app stores. Also you can train with CYBEROBICS via MagentaTV, Sky and Joyn.