LIVE Classes & Workouts

How do I start using CYBEROBICS?

Before you start with CYBEROBICS, register online at and confirm your e-mail address. Following this step, you can log into the CYBEROBICS app with your login information and begin using the 5 free workouts immediately.

Can I test CYBEROBICS Premium without obligation?

In the free version of CYBEROBICS you can use and test 5 workouts for an unlimited period of time. You also have the opportunity to try the premium version of CYBEROBICS free for a full 14 days.

Which membership models are available at CYBEROBICS Premium and how much do they cost?

With CYBEROBICS Premium you get access to all Free Workouts, On Demand Workouts and LIVE Classes. You also have the opportunity to try the premium version of CYBEROBICS free for a full 14 days.

There are three membership models for premium membership:

o Premium 12 months: 4,99€ per month with a one-off charge at the beginning of the contract term of 59,99€

o Premium 6 months: 7,99€ per month with a one-off charge at the beginning of the contract period of 47,99€

o Premium 1 month: 9,99€ per month

Please note that prices may vary due to taxes and currencies.

You can cancel your subscription at any time during the first 14 days with one day's notice. If the subscription is not canceled within the first 14 days, the full fee will be charged based on the model selected.

Can I upgrade my membership or change my contract term?

Yes, you can switch from the free to the premium version at any time. To do this, click on the upgrade button in the app menu or on any premium workout. Then select the desired term of your membership and save your payment details.

A change within the term is unfortunately not yet possible. If you want to activate the longer term, please cancel your old membership first (under "" My Profile "" -> "" Unsubscribe "") and conclude the desired term contract after the previous contract term has expired. You can use your previous login data. However, we are working flat out to provide the upgrade function.

ATTENTION: If you have completed your membership in CYBEROBICS within the app, please cancel it via your respective app store.

What do I have to consider when logging in via the App Store?

  1. As a CYBEROBICS Premium member you will pay monthly / yearly via iTunes, Android or Google

  2. If you want to cancel your Premium membership you have to do this in the App Store subscriptions management section

How do I register using a coupon code?

If you have a promotion code for CYBEROBICS, you must register and redeem this code by going to our website

Follow these steps to use your promotion code:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Register now"

  3. Select the relevant membership model* and click on "Start 14 days for free"

  4. Fill in the open fields and confirm the terms and conditions**

  5. Go to the "Voucher Code" field and enter your voucher code

  6. Click on "next"

  7. Enter the payment details if required

*You can find information about which membership model you have to choose on the additional information on the voucher.

**If you already have an account with CYBEROBICS, simply log in and then go to the "Voucher code" field.

What do I need to know if I have registered at CYBEROBICS as part of the McFIT, High5 or JOHN REED training and service package?

In this case, note the following:

  1. Your membership as part of the training and service fee have to be activated via an activation link, which will be sent to you by email immediately after you have completed your membership. Please note that this welcome email can sometimes end up in the spam filter.

  2. Your access to the premium content of CYBEROBICS runs as long as your membership at McFIT, High5 or JOHN REED is active. As soon as it ends, your access to the premium content will also automatically expire. A separate termination is not necessary. You can of course decide afterwards whether you want to continue your membership regardless of the training and service fee or not. Your account will continue to exist.

If you have any further questions, our support team at is always available.

Which payment options are available at CYBEROBICS Premium?

At the registration for CYBEROBICS Premium via the App the payment will be made to Apple directly over the iTunes Store and on Android directly over Google. Payment options depend on your App Store.

At the registration for CYBEROBICS Premium via on your computer or mobile browser you have the options either to pay with credit card, a direct transfer or with PayPal (please note that there will be some extra 8% of payment fee charged).

Please be aware that the payment for your membership over our website in the countries Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland will be in EURO.

Who is Cleeng?

Cleeng is our partner who supports us in all matters relating to support and payment transactions.